Day 1- Paris

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Croissant and expresso at a boulangerie here in Maisons-Alford, I think I've always envisioned my first experience here to be like this, well a long cigarette in hand as well. I did so w/o the smoke, it was memorable regardless. Next stop, z heart of the city. On our way onto the train, we were approached by a very pushy panhandling elderly lady, not certain what exactly she was saying however she continuously blessed me, while she rubbed her head on my forearm, like I might have been the holy one. So we hit the streets of Paris in search of gear for our upcoming trip to Asia , we did dozen of shops throughout the morning and mid noon. Took a break from the shops and visited the NotreDame cathedral, quite an amazing place. Due to the time of year and the cooler weather, we literraly just walked right in, something one could never do at peak season. Some Greek cuisine for lunch then back at for the remainder of the day, we managed most on the list, however will finish it up on Tues.
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JB 30/11/2010 17:13


Nous serons à Paris après-demain! Puis Ouagadougou jeudi soir ;)